Do you need a will writing service in Nottingham?

Are you sure you know which person, charity or institution is going to inherit your money when you die? Are you anxious that your family should be well-treated and provided for when you pass on?

As family life and relationships in modern England become ever more complex, you need to be sure who will inherit your assets.

We can help you through a range of issues and decisions. Who is to have the care of your children and at what age should they be able to inherit? Which of your friends and family members do you want to benefit and how much of your estate do you want each of them to receive and at what age? How are the tax demands to be paid that inevitably arise? How can this tax be minimised?

If you do not make these decisions, in a properly prepared will, then the law will decide for you how your property will be handled and distributed. Some of your valued and cherished friends and relations may find themselves disappointed.

With our appropriate legal advice, your difficulties and anxieties can be resolved sympathetically and successfully.

We can also assist you to have a will made for a person who is no longer able to make one for him or herself.

If you are unable to visit one of our offices, we can arrange to see you at home.

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